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Able-bodied & grateful!


Bed-rest for a year teaches you to be grateful for life, says Jimmy Shergill while Shubarna Mukerji Shu takes notes of his fitness regimen.

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Are you a gym person?
I do go to the gym, I have a nice set-up at home itself but working out doesn’t necessarily mean doing weights.

What is your definition of a good workout?
Anything that makes your body feel alive. A good run can work wonders. I personally like doing a bit of yoga too. The days when I have time to do both are the best of course. But our schedules are so tight, that most of the week I am alternating between a run or yoga.

So you are not really the weights kinda guy!
I believe in fitness. In my line of work it is very important to be looking fit and I do everything that I have to do for it. I do a bit of weights from time to time, but I prefer the outdoors. There is something nice about running, I like that the best.

Are you someone who is obsessed with having a good body?
No, not obsessed at all. I am not the sort to stand in front of the mirror while working out, seeing if my abs are taking shape, no, I am not that kind of a guy. Actually, I don’t need to be that kind of a guy. The films I do, the kind of work that is expected out of me, doesn’t need me to be obsessed with my body.

If you see the kind of work I am doing, it is more on the lines of shaping up to play characters. I have not yet needed to bulk up or add cuts on my body, so no, that’s not me!

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Since you feel that 8-pack abs are not really necessary for you, what motivates you to work out?
I have told you this before, and I keep telling this to everyone – I have spent one whole year bed-ridden… Wanting, and not being able to get up from the bed…Thinking that my life, my career was all over. The year 2011 completely changed me and my perspective in life. It has made me learn to be more appreciative of what I have – an able body. Today I might get good work – some of it might not be that good – but I am able-bodied and that’s all that matters. I can do what I want, I can reach for the skies because I am able to do so… Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

Truly, health is true wealth. Coming to food, are you particular about what you eat?
On most days I am particular; it has become more of a habit. But yes, I have my share of cheat-days and they are pretty frequent, if I may say so!