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21-year-old reveals why she’s decided to sell her virginity to fund her studies


Meet Alexandra, a 21-year-old university student who wants to fund her studies. That’s why she has decided to sell her virginity. The part-time model from Europe gives an exclusive interview to Sounak Mukhopadhyay

The concept of virginity as something sacred is common in a conservative country like India. However, a popular notion is that European nations are far ahead of such trifles. Alexandra selling her virginity confirms that virginity is considered holy even in Europe. At the same time, things are quite professional. The highest bidder will get a medical report that confirms Alexandra’s virginity/ Alexandra may soon be busy as she plans to meet the highest bidder either in in Switzerland or in Germany or in the Netherlands. Prior to that, we had brief talk.

People in India would be curious to know about you. Not every day, they get to know a girl who is going to auction her virginity. Some of us may also have reservations. I can tell you many of us are already judging you even before knowing you. Tell us more about yourself. Do you stay with your family? Are you like just another girl in India?

I started working when I was 19. I work as a model and live by myself. I would like to be able to pay for the school where I want to study. I moved out of my family home to another country to have a better future. I started work but I don’t have enough money for my life goals. I just have my mother who cannot help me because she needs money to support home and my siblings. So I decided to act on my own.

After Malaysia and Indonesia, India has the highest average age to lose virginity. And, that’s 22.5 years. In fact, people in Asian countries tend to lose their virginity later than the rest of the world. People in Europe lose it quite early. Countries like Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and the UK tend to lose their virginity somewhere between 17.6 to 18.4 years. And, that’s just the average. That means many people lose it way before that. Is it regular for girls in your country to remain a virgin until 21?

In the country I come from, it is rare to meet a girl who is a virgin at 21. My case was different because I was never sure about my previous boyfriends. I just wanted to do it after the wedding. Find the love of your life and do not hurry up with it. Well, I’m 21. And, I have not found it. I know that my entire life is before me. I can meet with criticism from people for what I plan to do, but I think that my life forced me to do it. I have my life plans, which are hard for me to fulfill without money.

The concept of auctioning one’s virginity is an extremely unconventional idea. In our country, it does happen. But, some of the girls are forced to do it. Many a time, they are forced by their own family members. But, for you, the case is different. It’s your own decision. How did you come up with such an idea?

One time, I was surfing the Internet and found an article about a virgin who sold her virgin for $2.5 million. I read a lot about those girls and decided to go for it. Then I found an agency that offered to help me out.

Not many people now consider virginity as something really special. But, such virginity auctions tend to attract a lot of money. Why do you think people value virginity so much that they bid so high for it?

First, people who never had sex with a virgin are just curious. When they see an attractive girl, they are ready to do a lot to satisfy their curiosity. Secondly, it is rare to meet virgin women these days.

There is every possibility that you’ll get a lot of money from this auction. You may never have to worry about your future again. What do you plan to do with it?

I would like to get enough for my life goals, help my family and secure my future. My future plans are to help my family and go to school to follow my passions. I would like to develop my skills and be better each day. In the future, I would like to open my business.

What about your family? Do they approve of your decision?

None of my family knows about it. I do not know how to tell them. It is quite humiliating for me. I only told the closest people. They believe this is not the best idea. But, I know that as a 21-year-old living outside the family home and working on my own, I do not have too many opportunities to grow and find a better job without experience, school and support. So, I think that I will definitely do it when I get the right offer .

Do you want your future partner(s) to know that you auctioned your virginity?

I think that the person I would like to share the rest of my life with should definitely know about it. I do not think it’s something bad. Girls of my age lose their virginity at discos with random guys or with improper guys.

Lastly, what will be your suggestion to girls who may like to follow your path?

That’s a very hard question. If a girl feels the need to do it for some specific reasons, I can say yes.