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Woman of Substance: She mastered the art of self-defence and now empowers women


Indore: Training girls to defend themselves with Taekwondo techniques, 23-year-old Priya Rathore is a woman of substance, who defines feminism as combination of strength and sensitivity.

Sharing her story, Priya said, “I have been through enough personal and financial struggle, since my childhood, but I still feel I have lived well.” She was brought up in an average income family, where she had to think before spending every penny.

Talking about her family, Priya said, “My father Rupesh is my role model and inspiration for living happily by making others life better.” Discussing her father’s life and achievements, she explained that he lost a leg in an accident before she was born.

“My father never paid any heed to his condition and instead, worked harder than most people around him,” Priya said. She explained that he goes to his grocery shop from early morning to late night.

Inspired by her father’s strength and hard work, Priya worked harder than her classmates in school. “I learned Taekwondo in Excellence Bal Vinay school, where I also won national level championships.” She has 10 national medals, which include four gold, four silver and two bronze medals.

Sharing how she became a social worker, Priya said, “I was touched by Nirbhaya case, it really hurt me.” She decided to empower women by training them to defend themselves. “I take free training sessions in government schools and for women, who cannot afford to pay trainers on a regular basis,” she added.

Talking about her views about the change needed in society, Priya quoted, “Till date, people compliment girls by saying that they did a great job, just like a boy!” She feels that this creates a biased view in the mindset of kids, which further leads to a gender biased society.

Sharing the best advice that boosts her confidence, Priya said, “You should do what you want, but it should be for others. Therefore, one must always provide service to society in the way that pleases them.”