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TANKERS ON PAPER: How Rathore minted money


Assistant engineer Abhay Singh Rathore, whose premises were raided by Economic Offence Wing on Thursday, believed to have made large sum of money while being incharge of IMC tankers.  He had joined Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) as a musterkarmi beldar in 1995.

With his connections and ability to mint money, Rathore progressed and went on to become assistant engineer.  In his 23 years of career, he worked in different departments and capacities and made huge amount of money which eventually drew the eyes of watchdogs.

He was first posted in building permission office where he got in touch with builders. As he became blue-eyed boy of builders, Rathore was transferred to power and engineering department where he worked for nearly six years. When he tried to take promotion on the basis of diploma, Rathore caught attention of Rajnish Pancholiya and a complaint of fake certificate was lodged against him.

Using his contacts, Rathore got transferred to another department.  He then got responsibility of monitoring tankers. That’s where he actually made money. Sources said that he had control of all the tankers of IMC.  As soon as he took over responsibility of tankers, the city started facing acute “water shortage and the number of tankers were increased.

“Hundreds of tankers would run daily in the city to quench people’s thirst but many of them actually run only on papers,” sources said.
Sources claimed that he hand in glove with tanker contractors produced fake bills in IMC and took out money.
He also used to sell water to residents using the tanker facility.

Dirt in Swachhata also
As complaints against him piled up, the then municipal commissioner Manish Singh took back responsibility of tankers from him and roped him in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan work. He was given the responsibility of setting up public and community toilets. But here also, he made lot of money through corruption. He colluded with contractors and raised money.

Friend of Aslam Khan
Rathore is also close friend of Aslam Khan, who was lately nailed by Lokayukta police for raising assets worth crores, which were disproportionate to his known sources. Since Aslam was caught in the web of Lokayukta, Rathore has distanced himself from contractors but could not hide his lavish lifestyle and bungalows from watchdogs.

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