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Sunday Guest: The art of making big things little


Indore: Encouraging green surroundings, the Shaikh family has been passing on the art of making bonsai trees since generations. The art started as passion for septuagenarian Dr Yunus Shaikh, and became a family tradition.

Inspired by Yunus’ beautiful garden, his son 43-year-old Zafar was keen on learning the art of making bonsai since his childhood. Talking about his passion, Zafar said, “I always enjoyed planting trees with my father and observed him carefully, when he made bonsai.”

Yunus slowly passed on the art of making bonsai to his sons— Zafar and Firoz. “At first, he gave us a chance to water plants, which felt like a privilege,” Firoz said. Further, Yunus taught them how to plant and nurture a sapling.

“We started by learning to plant money plant, then we learned grafting, shaping and nurturing,” Zafar said. Yunus always insisted on having patience and studying plants, before working on them. Now, when Zafar has attained expertise in the art of making bonsai, his son Faisal is walking in his footsteps.

Talking about his love for gardening, Zafar said, “Gardening requires patience but it gives delicious fruit of pleasure and makes a person joyful.” However, Firoz cannot ignore the fact that some plants often die in the process of making bonsai.

“I work on making bonsais occasionally, because the pain of losing life of a plant is too tough for me,” Firoz said. He plants full size trees and takes care of them.

How did he make lamp bonsai

shaikhFirst, I took a round pot with dimensions (4 inch height and 16 widths). I planted four Carmona plants for six months. Then I brought iron square net of 4 feet height by 3 feet breadth and welded it into round shape.

Then I installed at the pot & started giving shape to the plant by passing through the net very slowly. It took four years to complete the whole net covers by the four plants till the top. White small flower also comes in the season The shape of big Lamp is ready. Then the Lamp plant was decorated in the semi shade in the hall with the display light given from the top. Lamp looks beautiful in the Night, spreading light in different way of attraction of people

It will stay for years. You have to do cutting and trimming according to the shape. Also, you must provide fertilizers and organic manure from time to time, giving water alternate days.