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Ravichandran’s pal Buch quits IIM- Indore for good


Indore: MN Buch, a close associate of former director of IIM Indore Prof N Ravichandran, resigned from Board of Governors ( BoG) of the institute after Rishikesha T Krishnan was appointed as new director. “ I had put in my papers soon after new appointment in the director’s office but my resignation was accepted on January 1,” he told Free Press.

“ Chairman of the Institute, KV Kamath asked me to continue in the BoG till the beginning of new year.” Buch also resigned as chairman of construction committee of the institute.It was stated that Buch was disappointed since Ravichandran was not reappointed as director, so he left the institute for good.

Buch, however, gives other reason for his resignations.“ I paved way for young blood. Let some young persons come and take the responsibilities.” Chairman of National Centre for Human Settlements and Environment, Buch was nominated to the BoG of IIM Indore some three years ago by the then chairman LN Jhunjhunwala.

He was very close to Jhunjhunwala but soon he developed proximity with Ravichandran.In BoG meetings, Buch always favoured Ravichandran which at times did not go well with Jhunjhunwala.And when Jhunjhunwala and Ravichandran came face- to- face and the former resigned leveling an array of allegations against the latter, Buch stood by Ravichandran.

To strengthen the case of Ravichandran and to nullify the impact of Jhunjhunwala’s resignation on the then director, Buch also had submitted his resignation papers to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development ( MHRD).

However, his resignation was not accepted but that of Jhunjhunwala.Since, Buch and Jhunjhunwala learnt to have never spoken to each other.Once, Jhunjhunwala had said: “ Buch did not turn out to be a true friend for me”. However, Ravichandran had otherwise opinion on Buch.

‘ Director should be head of construction panel’

Buch, who was chairman of construction committee of the IIM- Indore, after his resignation, said that the director and not a member of BoG should be the chairman of the committee. “ If a member of the BoG is chairman of the construction committee, it becomes very awkward for him to defend decisions of the committee in the BoG meetings. The director is the right person for chairmanship of the committee. In IITs and IIITs, that the way it is.” Buch remembered suggesting so to IIM Indore Chairman KV Kamath once. “ May the good sense prevails.” On Kamath, Buch said that he is a man with positive thinking and that the institute requires his mentorship for long.