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Rare appearance of cops decreases fear among violators


Indore : Like other parts of the old city, the traffic prone road between Shastri Market Square and MTH Compound Square suffers heavy inconvenience due to illegal parking on either side of the road.

Inadequate parking space in the area drives the visitors to park their vehicles on the road, causing blockade on the stretch and thus, disrupting smooth traffic flow.

While traffic police claim to take regular action against the violators, people complain vehicle owners have scant respect for any traffic law and cops and therefore park their vehicle haphazardly at will.

Free Press published the issue earlier, but no action was taken to address the pathetic situation. Rather, ironically, the same problem even remains in front of the Indore municipal corporation, as too many vehicles can be seen parked haphazardly on the road in front of its office, creating problems for the commuters.

The road in question is one of the busiest roads of the city and tragically, one way from Shastri Market Square to Khatipura Square, giving a tough time to hundreds of vehicles, including city buses, school buses and other vehicles negotiating the stretch throughout the day.

A regular commuter on the stretch, Vikas Patidar rued that though traffic police station is very close to the area, cops are rarely seen manning the busy road and taking action against the traffic violators.

Another frequent visitor, bank employee Ankur Upadhyay said that illegal parking near the road in front of IMC office creates a lot of inconvenience to the ongoing traffic even during the daytime.

Commuter Amol Sejhar said that parking problem is a major issue in various areas of the city. Police are also least seen in the area, which has decreased the fear of punishment among the violators of law. However, people too should be sensible enough to not park their vehicles on the road, he opined.