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Photography is his passion not profession


Indore : Nurturing his interest into passion, 33-year-old S Raghunathan Iyer, an enthusiastic photographer, ventures out into the wild every week to bring rare pictures of wildlife around the city. Human resource executive by profession, his first love is photography.

Talking about his life, Iyer said, “When I was four years of age, I wanted to capture the beauty of nature somehow.” He drew sketches, painted canvas, but it did not satisfy his longing.

“I felt painting cannot capture the moment, colours and beauty aptly,” Iyer said. He always felt that paintings missed out on the element of moment.

Looking at photographs in magazines he realised that only a picture can capture what he wants. “That time in 1990’s not everyone owned professional camera and my parents knew how to promote my interest to passion,” Iyer said.

His father, 52-year-old government official S Swaminathan Iyer, instructed him to observe nature and spend time amidst wildlife. “While all my childhood, I spend observing, understanding and exploring nature, my father helped me understand the moments that should be captured,” Iyer said.

After completing his schooling, he bought Nokia N 79. “I had simply opted for that phone, because it had a camera, which was rare in 1998,” Iyer said.

Feeding his passion using mobile camera, he spent most of educating years clicking normal pictures. “In 2007, I bought my first proper camera, which was ‘point and shoot’ camera,” Iyer said.

Buying his first camera, he had planned the first trip to Shirdi. “I wanted my first proper photograph to be divine so my family and I drove to Shirdi the same day,” Iyer said.

While most people find it hard to manage their time for passion with a family, his wife 31-year-old singer Jayshree Raghunathan and kid 7-year-old R Ashwin supported him. “I am lucky that they never question me when I am out on weekends instead of watching movies with them at home,” Iyer said.

Over the last couple of years, he has brought numerous cameras. “Right now, I own 600e semi-professional camera which costs 68k and further the lens costs 85k,” Iyer shared.

Talking about his dream camera, he talked about a camera that would cost 3.5 lakh. When asked if his family supports him in investing so much, Iyer said, “Of course, they do, photography is my life.”

Explaining why he did not become a professional photographer, he said, “I did not want the motive of my photography to change, it is my passion, it should not be profession.”