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Pak citizen, 3 others held for abducting pvt firm manager; victim rescued


Former colleague masterminded plan to extract Rs 50 lakh as ransom and buy house in city

Indore : In a major feat, city police have arrested four accused, including two women from Chandan Nagar and rescued the abducted manager of a private company in less than 48 hours of the kidnapping. Police said the victim was kept on sedative injections by the accused for last couple of days since he was abducted on Tuesday.

DIG Harinarayanachari Mishra informed Rajendra Shinde (45), resident of Scheme No 114, was abducted by some miscreants on Tuesday. The kidnappers asked for ransom from his wife for his release.

 “We checked the mobile location and call details of the victim, which was found to be in Maheshwar for the last time on Tuesday. After scanning the CCTV footage of Pithampur Toll Plaza, it was found that the victim had crossed the plaza at 1.30 pm with two other women in his car, but didn’t return with them when the car crossed the plaza at 8.22 pm on its way back,” Mishra said.

He said on investigating about the women in the car, police reached to a Pakistani citizen Sara Qureshi, a resident of Dubai.

“During interrogation, Sara informed us that Shinde and she were the colleagues in National Hygiene Company and had closeness since then. Later, she was married to a man in Dubai, but also used to keep touch with Shinde during her travel to India to enjoy her stay here. Sara’s native place is Ujjain,” the DIG said.

She informed the police she had gone to Maheshwar with her friend Uzema and Shinde, but the man didn’t return after which they had to come by bus.

Later, police also interrogated Uzema, who contradicted by disclosing they came back in car instead of a bus.

“We further interrogated Sara to learn that she kept Shinde hostage in a flat in Chandan Nagar for ransom of Rs 50 lakhs. She wanted the amount to buy a house in city” Mishra said, adding “Our team rescued the man safely from the place and arrested two youths Golu Sheikh and Shubham Pal, out of the four, from there.”

Police have launched a man hunt for the other two accused and also interrogating the main conspirator Sara Qureshi about the missing ornaments and wallet of the victim.

During interrogation, Sara informed us that Shinde and she were colleagues in National Hygiene Company and developed closeness since then. Later, Sara got married to a man in Dubai, but used to contact Shinde during her stay in India to enjoy the time n Harinarayanachari Mishra DIG  .