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Nicotine Band refused to perform at Aakshank 2016, IET-DAVV


Indore : Nicotine Band, which was formed in Indore in 2006, refused to perform at Aakshank 2016, IET-DAVV saying that the sound system was inadequate and the arrangements not apt for their music concert.

The band members, lead singer Digvijay Bhonsale, lead guitarist Anniruddha Gokhale, bass player Anuj Malkapurkar, and drummer Shaleen Vyas, were excited to perform at the DAVV. “However, the disappointing arrangements and unwillingness of the organisers to make the necessary changes forced us to walk out,” Bhonsale said.

The band members elaborated that the basic facilities for a band’s performance were not provided by the DAVV. “We were looking forward to performing at DAVV, but to our disappointment it was impossible to perform because of the bad sound facility and stubbornness of the organisers,” Bhonsale said.

The upset band members criticised the changes in DAVV organised events, quoting the difference in the last few years. “We were planning to play at DAVV after 7 years, and it was going to be a big blast,” Bhonsale said.

Nicotine won the ‘war of the strings’, the annual band contest of IET-DAVV for two consecutive years from 2008. After winning their last ‘war of the strings’ in 2009, the band has not participated in the event. They were planning to make a big come-back this year. “Unfortunately, it did not happen and is not likely to happen again,” Bhonsale concluded.

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