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Music evolved over last 5 yrs from mellow tunes to loud party music: Progressive Brothers


Indore : DJ and music producers Sunny Sharma and Karan Bhalla better known as Progressive Brothers entertained Indore’s party lovers at O2 Lounge on Friday with their highly energetic electronic music. They shared the stage with Above & Beyond, Steve Aoki, Alvaro, Mat Zo, Daddy’s Groove, Swanky Tunes, Ad Brown and others. During an interaction with FP, they revealed essential points in their journey while describing the evolution of music over the last 5 years.

“Music has evolved over last 5 years from mellow tunes to loud hard party music,” Sharma said. As a music enthusiast, he studied the evolution of music and popular genres thoroughly and found that there has been a considerable shift in the music industry. The most loved mellow tunes of twentieth century moved down the chart as loud hard electronic music took over in 2010.

“An important change that transformed the music industry occurred when pop stars started coupling with DJs for music composition,” Sharma said. He explained that after the release of Akon’s super-hit song titled ‘sexy bitch’, the music industry saw the 21st century revolution.

It was after that song that international pop stars started coupling with DJs and Indian bands followed their example.

Talking about their journey, Bhalla said he was always sure of becoming a DJ. Sharma faced the biggest challenge of his life while choosing between his banking career and musical aspirations. “I had a stable career as a banker but my passion was music,” Sharma said. While he juggled with his passion and career for a couple of months, it became impossible for him to manage both. After a month of introspection, he chose to pursue music.

“The best moment of our life was when Hardwell played our track in Brazil last year,” Bhalla said adding that the most important things in his life are “music, family, happiness, girls and laptop.”

Sharma said, “We are not real brothers but we are great friends and that is what keeps us going together.” He further disclosed that Bhalla is the creative head while he is the business head of their team.

“Indore is my favourite city” Sharma quipped. He said they both love Indore. “I wonder how people are so energetic here, what do they eat!” he wondered.

The duo always selects their play list according to the crowd. They appreciated that the crowd of Indore is music smart. “People here understand the music, they know their music,” Sharma said.

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