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Mhow station to be made satellite of Indore station


Indore: In near future, Mhow railway station will be made satellite station of Indore. This will help people of both the places as well as military establishment. The railway ministry has chalked out a detailed development plan for the Cantt town station as it will meet the future needs of the Holkar city.

Mhow is always considered as suburb of Indore, where the railway station was founded way back in 1870s. The station is located on Delhi-Hyderabad route and this line is under gauge-conversion process.

After gauge conversion, electrification of the 21km-long Indore-Mhow section and after getting required land from the Cantonment Board, Mhow railway station would act as an uptown station of Indore. The gauge conversion of Mhow-Khandwa section would take time but after completion of work, it would be made a major junction on Mhow-Khandwa and Indore-Manmad routes. This station would also reduce pressure of passengers and trains. So the railways has chalked out a major plan to develop it as a satellite station of Indore.

Sources said the railway is planning to build new pit-lines there. So, there would be 3 pit lines there soon. At present, the city railway station has 5 pit lines. So in total there would be 8 pit lines for Indore, which would help roll out more trains from the city railway station.

Currently only one out of 3 platforms is broad gauge but the railways would carry out gauge conversion work in near future. That would reduce also load of the city railway station’s yard and platforms where trains are waiting before departure, because space is a big issue at the city railway station. Three broad gauge platforms at Mhow would also provide more space to the city railway station to hold more trains in future.

Military movement could be faster

Development of Mhow railway station is important strategically also. It would assist all three military establishments located there. The station would help during military exercise and time of war. Special military trains can be rolled out from there also.

“The railway is planning to upgrade Mhow railway station to meet future needs of Mhow and Indore railway stations. Following adjustment of land from Cantonment Board, development of Mhow railway station would be easy. It would also help to roll-out more trains from Mhow and Indore.”
Nagesh Namjoshi, Member, Railway Board’s Passenger Amenities Committee

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