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Making ‘blood relations’ with humanity is their custom


Indore: While the world is busy setting boundaries of caste, creed, country and culture, there are some revolting ‘Humans of Indore’ who are busy trying to overcome borders and form ‘blood relations’ with humanity as their tradition. Among these revolting people, two families who have connected and made a unique ‘blood relation’ are proud descendants of Daji family and Upadhyaya family.

Following the tradition of their family, everyone in Daji family donates blood without being told to do so by their elders. Sharing the story of the family, 50-year-old provident fund officer Firoz Daji said, “Most kids grow up looking at their parents praying and following customs, we did too.”

He explained that the most important custom in their family was to help people by donating blood. “We grew up with stories of helping people in accidents and kids suffering from thalassaemia,” Daji said.
Being the most disciplined and emotional one among his siblings, he not only followed ‘blood donating’ tradition, but added some changes. “I got connected with people who needed blood and made donating blood a regular activity,” Daji said.

He picked out four dates in a year based on personal inclination and started donating blood on these days. “I picked out four dates with gap of three months each, as it takes that much time for body to recover haemoglobin comfortably,” Daji said. He chose March 20 because it is his nephew Aftab’s birthday. “Next, I picked out my father’s death anniversary, i.e. June 23,” Daji said.

Celebrating his mother’s birthday, he donates blood on every September 22. “My elder son Anosh’s birthday is on December 22, when I always donate blood and pray that he gets blessings,” Daji said. With his efforts, he has been to encourage more than 40 people to donate blood in his office. “I have donated blood 95 times and Anosh following my example has donated blood four times for the first time as he turned 18,” Daji said.
Talking about her inclination vice principal Vandana Daji said, “My father is a retired army officer and therefore, service is in my blood.” She grew up in an environment where service has always been rated higher than self. “Marrying Firoz, I found my perfect partner who believed in helping society too and of course, we both donate blood together now,” she added.

Sharing how they came in touch with each other, govt officer Rajesh Upadhyaya said, “My wife (Anjana) and I are government officers and we have been trying to raise our kids in the best possible way.” Their nine year old daughter Purvi is suffering from thalassaemia. “We have to take her for blood transfusions frequently,” Anjana said.
When Rajesh and Firoz met each other, Rajesh requested Firoz to help his daughter. “Purvi is like a daughter to me, in fact all girls are and our never-ending connection began,” Daji said. In the last five years, Upadhyaya’s did not have to run around for blood and Daji’s could see their blessing growing up well.