Kiss Day: A simple kiss but many kissas


Indore: With romance in the air, couples are enjoying an array of parties, quotes and dates during the Valentine’s week. Before the final bash on 14 February, couples are often escaping to enjoy secret dates. While dreamy young couples find it easy to express love, some couples living in conservative families are finally breaking the rules to live and celebrate their feelings avoiding glaring eyes of seniors.

Sharing one such story, management professional Bindiya Sood said, “We have been married for so many years but every day is new and adventure, because time changes everything.” They got married on her favourite holiday,on a Christmas day of 1996. “Times were very different in 90s, I remember elders in our family quoting about how lucky we are that we get to sit together and quote about similar incidents,” Bindiya said.

Though their elders found them to be luckier, expression of affection was still restricted. “I love my wife so much, but I am not a traditional person who conforms to conservative behaviour,” Bindiya’s husband Sonesh Sood said. While he conformed to the rules for a while, he found a way to change things for next generation by kissing his wife during a family wedding. “Everyone was glaring at us, but my wife stood by and that was all I needed,” Sonesh said. Further, in the next couple of days, the photo became a trend with happy comments from many family members.

Chemicals responsible for longer lip-locks

Kissing releases chemical cocktail in the brain, which is known as natural high.This cocktail is made up of trio of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Combination of the trio works by lightning of ‘pleasure centre’ in our brain, which makes us feel good and crave more. When kissing, dopamine is released, which is responsible for feelings of euphoria and pleasure. It also has an addictive effect, which is why one might not want to stop locking lips. Oxytocin more commonly known as ‘love hormone’ is another chemical that stimulates feelings of attachment and affection towards the person you’re kissing and is the same hormone released during child birth & breastfeeding. Another chemical of the trio released when you lock lips is serotonin. This helps to lift your mood and a lot of people believe it’s responsible for the ‘spark’ felt between two people – so if you can’t get your partner out of your head after a great kiss, serotonin can be a reason!

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