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Kishore Kumar death anniversary: Aaye tum yaad mujhe…


Avash Kumar Ganguly aka Kishore Kumar would have been close to 80, if death had not snatched him from us untimely. Oct 13, 1987 was the dark day for Bollywood and millions of fans when Kishoreda (fondly known) passed away. But legends do not die. City CA Navin Khandelwal pays tribute to Kishore Kumar in his unique way even after so many years. Like millions of fans, Khandelwal believes that Kishore Da is bubbling with life through his rendition. Comparing accountancy to music, Khandelwal said it is not a matter of audit or taxation, instead it is about his passion, love and affection with Kishore Kumar.

Khandelwal has written three books on Kishore Kumar from the viewpoint of a CA! One book was launched by Kishore Kumar’s eldest son Amit Kumar. The book mentions facts like number of songs sung by Kishoreda, songs sung for different actors, with different female playback singers and other similar details. The other two books are made on two decks of playing cards. One deck highlights about Kishoreda and his life while the other deck has some of his songs written on them. The collection of Khandelwal also includes a calendar which has photographs of Kishoreda along with a relating paragraph from his songs with a proper interpretation of the song written on it.

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