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Kapalik demands govt to resume use of pure ashes of cremated bodies for Mahakal bhasma aarti


Indore : “Stopping usage of ashes of cremated bodies on lord Mahakal in Ujjain in bhasma aarti is grossly against the classical way of worshiping in tantra vidya. Tantra vidhya is the fifth veda, which was spread from the mouth of load Shiva, and the lord for the first time uttered to Maa Bhagwati,” said prominent kapalik and tantrik of Bama Khepa lineage, Shri Shri 1008 Kapalik Mahakal Bhairavanand Saraswati here on Saturday while talking to this correspondent.

The Kapalik also demanded government to resume the use of pure ashes of cremated bodies to perform bhasma aarti of the lord.

He is considered one of the top spiritual gurus of Hinduism and one of the key names associated with the spread of the Art of Tantrism (tantra vidya). Today, he is well recognised on par with the highest spiritual gurus globally. Also known as Kapalik Baba, he has been leading a simple and spiritual life of devotion to the Kaula Tantra Vidya and its promulgation for over 55 years now.

Shri Kapalik Mahakal was bright as a student and eventually accomplished his degrees in LLM from Devi Ahilya University, Indore and MSW from Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh, before landing a prestigious job as director in Coal India (a Maharatna Company).

Babaji was on the way to Kamakhya Shaktipitha, Assam to participate in the five-day long ‘Ambuvachi festival, which falls once in a year. The festival charms to all trantriks of the world who gathered there.

Babaji threw light on various aspects of tantra vidya. He expressed deep anger on stopping usage of ashes of cremated bodies in bhasma aarti of lord Mahakal from last 70 years and alleged that this has been done only by certain selfish people associated with the temple.