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It’s a role reversal for sisters


Indore : Childhood-rival-turned-adulthood-hero, inspiration and sometimes a source of constant annoyance- siblings share a dynamic relationship that can’t be explained in words.

As per as the Indian tradition, brothers play the epic role of protecting their sisters but in the age where girls are empowering the world, they are all set for the role reversal and protect their beloved brothers.

Free Press spoke to some girls of the city who cherish their fond memories where they played their role of protective sister guarding their brothers. Mayuri Raghuwanshi, a first year designing student says: “My brother is a mischievous one so whenever he does something naughty and is scared of getting punished by our parents, I come to his rescue and handle anger of my parents and saving him from my parents’ ire.”

Usually, in Indian families, girls are not allowed to go out and party late nights sharing the same experience, Padmrekha Sen, a first-year student said, “Being a girl my family doesn’t allow me to go out and party late night and illustrating this example to my younger brother, my parents do not allow him for parties but he somehow melts my heart and I help him go out and I even open the door for him when he comes late at night.”

Having a sister could be just a cherry on cake when your elder sister becomes your agony aunt and helps you out in sorting out fights with girlfriends. Meenal Maheshwari Jain, a working professional said, “I have a younger brother and whenever he has some problem with his girlfriend he comes up to me for help and I advise him on the things that he should do to sort out things with her. So, I am his agony aunt, solution for all the problems.”

Then there are sisters who are all second parent for their brothers, holding complete guardianship on them. Neha Vijaywargiya, a civil judge aspirant shared her experience and said, “My younger brother studies in a boarding school and he is not allowed to bring any music devices or any other entertainment commodity but being the good sister I am, I got pity on him and convinced his warden to allow him with his pen drive consisting of few of his favorite songs that he could listen on weekends.”

“My parents are completely against it and I take complete responsibility of brother’s activities in the boarding.”

The beauty of the bond is in these sweet gestures done for each other which makes memories for lifetime.

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