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IRIS, IIM-I’s annual fest gets inspiring start


Indore : IRIS, the annual management and cultural festival of Indian Institute of Management Indore, got off to an inspiring start on Friday with some prominent institution builders calling upon “future managers” to think beyond themselves.

Around 4000 participants from across the country have assembled at IIM Indore to participate in more than 20 events from cultural, finance, marketing, HR, operations to strategy categories.

The fest was inaugurated on Friday. The key-note speaker was Parmesh Shahani, Head of Godrej India Culture Lab, Author of Gay Bombay, TED & Yale World Fellow.

In his address, Shahani discussed about how one can improve the atmosphere they live in.

He started with questioning the present lives the students are living. ‘You run behind marks while in school, study hard, get admission in the top B-School and you would get placed with a good package. But think for once, is this what you want?’, Shahani asked.

Sharing his past experiences of professional and personal life, he noted that one needs to create magic in his or her life. Discussing about how to bring a transformation in life, he said one needs to start somewhere and then iterate. ‘World is full of huge challenges like poverty, illiteracy, hunger, etc. People think government or the department responsible for eradicating such issues should work on this. However, I feel we all should collaborate. This would make life easier,” he mentioned. “Sharing value and adding that value to something will always pave a path for magic. And one should always be prepared when the magic comes,” Shahani said.

Shahani concluded his speech saying that this world requires an open culture where people can be what they actually are. He noted that we need to leave behind the hypocrisy and diplomacy and allow the diversity of thoughts and opinions to be shared easily.

His address was followed by a guest lecture by Padma Shri awardee Janak Palta McGilligan, Founder Trustee of Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development and a Social Worker.

In her speech, Janak Palta shared her personal experiences and mentioned how family support is extremely important.

‘I am what I am because my parents gave me the autonomy and independence to do what I want and my husband supported me in achieving my dreams,” she said.

Relating sustainability to personal lives, she said that one can have sustainable life only if one’s marriage is sustainable. ‘You don’t have the choice as how you may die, but you do have the choice how you live your life. So do something that is great for you and others,” she concluded.

For next two days, the IRIS-2015 would see events such as Ashwamedha, Kalpavriksha, Gordian Knot, Chanakya, Finance League, Klueless, Lasya, Laavanya, Distortion, Pratibimb etc.