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International child pornography group member arrested


Accused arrested from Kukshi

Indore :

The city cyber cell police on Saturday arrested a person for his involvement in international child pornography group. The accused was the member of the group in which the videos of minors are shared. The accused downloaded videos and shared it with others.

Superintended of Police (cyber cell) Jitendra Singh said police received information from Interpol that a suspected mobile number holder who belongs to MP is a group member of an international child pornography group on WhatsApp. The Crime Investigation Department informed cell officials about the accused after which constable Ramesh Bhide was instructed to trace the mobile number holder. The mobile number was registered with name of Reva Bai of Gogawa village in Kukshi of Dhar district.

During the investigation, it was found that the mobile phone was being held by Reva Bai’s grandson Vinod Baghel. After this information, cyber team kept an eye on his activities for a few days and arrested him on Friday from his village.

After knowing about the arrival of cyber cell team in the village, accused tried to delete videos and photos from his mobile phone but was arrested before he could do so.

Ongoing investigation revealed that the group named Grupo de Leliao was created by a person in Portugal. The group members would post obscene videos of minors in the group. Accused Vinod was its member. He told cell officials that he had obtained the link from another WhatsApp group.

The mobile phone and SIM used in the crime were recovered from the accused. The investigation into the case is underway.

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