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Indore: Yongsters call for eco-friendly Holi


Indore: In a noble move to reduce water consumption during Holi celebrations, people took an oath to play dry Holi with natural herbal colours instead of permanent hard synthetic colours. Making their oath public prior to the celebrations, many youngsters encouraged their friends to opt for eco-friendly Holi this year before Holika Dahan.

Holika Dahan is an extremely popular tradition and is celebrated with fervour all across the country and is symbolic of triumph of good over evil. There are numerous legends associated with this ancient tradition and it is difficult to pin-point as to when actually the tradition started.

Sharing her emotions about the festival, student Nikita Asrani said, “I love the festival as it brings together our entire family with the vibrancy of colours.” She explained that Holi has always been their special festival.

“Despite all our problems, we all can enjoy colours of nature and fragrance of love, which is what this festival reminds us,” Nikita said. She further talked about various colours of nature that her family uses to prepare herbal colours.

Talking about the importance of bonfire, homemaker Nancy Tuteja said, “Holi celebrates the death of Holika in order to save Prahlad by Vishnu in the city of Multan, and thus Holi gets its name.” She explained that some prayers and rituals are performed on the night to destroy the evil and bring harmony to life of loved ones.

Explaining the importance of the customs, homemaker Rakhi Jaisinghani said, “The fire is meant to signify the destruction of evil – the burning of the ‘Holika’ – a mythological character and the triumph of good as symbolised by Prahlad.” She added that the heat from the fire depicts that winter is behind and the hot summer days are ahead.

“Truly, one can celebrate every season and treat it same, like life does,” Rakhi said. She explained that celebration of everything in life is an important aspect of Indian culture and tradition.