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Indore: When life throws lemons, make lemonade with a twist


Indore: Create Stories Social Welfare Society celebrated their group’s anniversary on World Kindness Day with a grand event ‘Loving Life: Jeene Ka Andaaz’ held at Emerald Heights International School on Monday. Interacting with students, president of the NGO discussed the ill effects of internet and encouraged students to spend more time with nature instead of smart devices.

Explaining the reason behind organising the event, the president said, “Life’s journey has lots of bumps; of course at different times in everyone’s life. However, facing these challenges is much tougher than imagined.”

With rising number of depressed people and suicides in youngsters, these free motivational sessions are organised to boost student’s morale showing them the sunny side of every dark corner.

Discussing his experience at a government school during a friendly chat over ‘Joyful Bag: Khushyion ka Basta’, student Nimansh Seth said, “Those students had to work in school from morning to afternoon break, it was really sad.” He explained that though students are getting mid-day meals like most private schools, they barely get education.

Understanding that it takes little steps to change situations, students showed overwhelming response to Joyful Bag and were willing to support the campaign. Having battled cancer twice in her life, 44-year-old art teacher Amaina Saify guided students on handling the worst in life with a smile.

When life throws lemons, how to make lemonade with a twist was the lesson that 46-year-old businessman Vikram Agnihotri taught students with his life story.

Life, always full of kindness and adventure

I do not feel we need to live in the past, but yes sometimes a peek into it is a good reminder of our strength. I was born in a small village Deesha, Gujarat. My childhood was tough as we lived in extreme poverty where we were not sure if we will get at least a meal in day. My life changed because of Dr DK Tank who had grown from a humble background to a renowned gynecologist. He helped me by paying for my education. However, my story is not that simple either.

It is not like in movies where children growing in poverty are brilliant and never have an issue in clearing exams. I was studying in Gujarati medium. After clearing class XI, I realised that I need help to clear chemistry, while I could manage well in physics, biology and mathematics. I asked Dr Tank for help and he sanctioned RS 1,800 for the best available coaching. Professor of the best coaching refused to take me in because of my poverty, score and his reputation. Renowned professors and doctors went with me to get me admitted.

Being refused and shamed for my weaknesses broke me for a day, but I was determined to become a doctor. I worked hard and became second district topper with 95 per cent in Chemistry. This was just the first incident among many challenges that followed, but I am happy because this is life… full of kindness and adventure.

Good to see sensitive youths in ‘smart’ era

I feel great to see that youngsters understand sensitivity in the smart era, where every feeling is showcased on social media. It was a nice idea followed by great event of Create Stories. I feel good to see that our students are connected with the idea and willing to become kind individuals. This is a unique way to change society and it works effectively. I like Free Press for its stories connect locally and the paper brings quick and quality news to our desk.

Mukteshwar Singh, Emerald Heights International School president

Got nostalgic about childhood, felt inspired

It is very important for students to hear real life stories for it helps them connect with real people and understand that life is beautiful with its due share of bumps. Students had a lovely response to the event. I feel so happy to see students gleaming with confidence and being sensitive to others at the same time. I recalled my childhood days and felt inspired. Free Press has also been doing great work in inspiring people. It is commendable.

Siddharth Singh, Emerald Heights International School principal

What They Say

Students need such motivational sessions where they can connect with people. It was a fabulous event that made us smile as well as cry

Sunita Anand, Teacher

It was a heart-touching event where we all felt motivated. I have read Amaina’s story in Free Press. Hearing her live was a beautiful experience

Bhanu Pratap Singh, Teacher

It was a sweet event where our students learned about handling life. Students were so charged up to work towards their dreams. It was amazing

Deepti Singh, Teacher