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Indore: WhatsApp upgrade fails to cheer up users


Indore: The latest upgrade of the widely used chatting application ‘WhatsApp’ has improved its facilities, but failed to impress people as it cut down one of the most loved status feature. While people are struggling to adapt themselves to the new setting, they are hoping that the company will come out with an update on bringing back their most-loved features and improve ease of access.

There have been new features that are loved by people who made the effort to read about them. However, most people are unaware of the new good features and are feeling uncomfortable with the new settings. Some technicians criticised the new set up for being copied of another application ‘Snapchat’.

Updated features of WhatsApp

Two-set verification: It allows users to set a password in case of reinstallation of whatsApp on a device.

Convert videos into GIFs and share: Tap the attachment icon in a conversation, record a video, and then hit OK. When the video trimming page pops up, tap the camcorder icon on the upper right and it will switch to a GIF icon. Then you can send you are up to six second long video as a GIF.

Video/ Status Photo editing: Videos and photos can be edited on the application by adding emoticons and text on it before sharing.

New media sharing limit: The media sharing limit has been raised from 10 to 30, so you can now share up to 30 photos or videos at once.

Photo / Album / Video Status only: In the latest version, users can upload only photo status which is visible only for 24 hours. Text status option has been removed. You can take photos, edit them to add emojis, text, stickers and more and publish them as your Status.

Personalised privacy of status: It is possible to manage your privacy settings to allow only some contacts (or all your contacts) to view your WhatsApp status. Though settings were available now, but now they can be customised to allow exceptions and block certain people from viewing status.

New Emojis: Emoticons have been changed. From colour to drawings, emoticons have a new look.

Contact List: Contacts are unavailable in the main tabs anymore. One can look at the contact list only when starting a new conversation.

What They Say…

“Unable to buy Snapchat, Facebook is trying to duplicate the success of its features through WhatsApp Messenger. Now, statuses are getting an upgrade, offering features similar to Snapchat. You can take photos, edit them to add emojis, text, stickers and more and publish them as your Status. I hate it.”

Harsh Ladha, Engineering student

“I do not see the point of two-step verification on whatsApp. We would simply shut down the sim in case its lost, why worry separately about whatsApp. They have added stupid features and removed essentials like contact list.”

Eesha Gupta, Entrepreneur

“I don’t like new whatsApp status feature. It is not user friendly. Old one is much better for status update. Update version of status is complicated as status not reflecting according to individual profile as I prefer checking specifically. Another thing is that we need to update photo compulsory to write a status. All are disadvantages for me. I request them to revert.”

Manish Sharma, Businessman

“I do not understand whether it was an upgrade or degrade. They removed contact list! How do they expect people to use a chatting application without a handy contact list? I regret updating to this version. It has been disappointing.”

Pooja Rajani, Management student

“I like the addition of emoticons like the titled laughter and joker. However, the colours are less impressive than last time. I preferred the colours last time, but the variety is more now. I like gifs but using this setup is tough. I preferred old setting.”

Richa Kukreja, Commerce student