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Indore: ‘We have to feel pain of trees for our future’


Indore: “In our daily business, we don’t have time to think about the cost which we are paying for our own growth. We are cutting trees, ruining greenery and never think about the pain of the trees, which we have categorised as living beings,” Amita Parekh, head of Heal Project’s Indore chapter, said. On Thursday, artists and members of the chapter bandaged at least 13 trees with clinical gauze at city zoo so that people feel the pain of trees.

‘The Heal Project’ Indore chapter started the campaign in the city to spread awareness of saving trees for a better future. “Not only humans but trees too feel the pain when cut or injured. People should feel their (trees) pain and must conserve them for a better future,” said Parekh adding” We have selected city zoo for the second part of the event as during summer vacations, people use to visit zoo with their children and it will motivate them to save trees. Children are the best source of teaching in a family.” The project is the brainchild of a Mumbai-based couple Kislay and Sheena Vora. They have started the campaign in Mumbai after which many volunteers from across the country joined it for the noble cause.”The bandages symbolise healing of pain mother nature feels when we take her for granted.  Bandaging the trees is for creating awareness among not only children but also adults and government bodies.  To help them realise the importance and the value of taking care of the environment, including trees, for a healthier living,” Parekh   added.