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Indore: Ushering New Year with nostalgia narratives


Indore: Taking the clock back to their youth and childhood, people celebrated the first day of the New Year 2018 by reliving their memories in the form of stories on Monday. Giving the While some took a stroll back to the lanes of their past to discover life in photos, a few travelled back to their days in village for the day, and others struggled to find their inheritance. But, after all, despite diverse kind of memories, people ultimately returned to city life and social media, feeling relaxed, yet full of life. Tina Khatri digs deeper…

Becoming a child again

We made a trip back to our roots in Shajapur village. It feels impossible to express in words what we have left behind with innovation and technology. For those few days that I spend in my village, I could feel life and not just see it go by. Often in the hustle bustle of our city life, we are just rushing through life but in my village, I smelled flowers and rode cycle. I could play all day and eat to my heart’s content, like a child.

Spread joy, share smiles

First day of the year is important because we set the day as we want our year to be. I want to spread joy and make people smile throughout the year. To begin that, I called upon underprivileged girls and gave them presents. Their smile meant everything to me. I do not have much family left with me. I lived with my dog ‘Brandy’ who passed away recently. These little girls and their smile made my day special.

Smells like teen spirit

Life is full of twists and when given a chance, we must live the fullest. We spent all our life working and giving people. We continue it because it makes us happy. However, during all the down and ups in life, we missed out partying and chilling out with friends. Not leaving any space for regrets, we partied and felt youthful with our old and new friends. It is amazing how just dancing with each other and eating with friends can bring so much of joy. We feel like college students again. I guess we are ageing back with the year 2018.