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Indore UGC query to DAVV: Are syllabi revised periodically or not


Indore: Nearly two months after it directed all the universities across the country, including Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV), to revise curricula of those courses which have not seen changes in past three years, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has sought to known if its directives were adhered to.

In a letter addressed to vice chancellor, UGC secretary Jaspal S Sandhu said all the universities were asked in January to get syllabi of courses upgraded and reviewed the same in every three years. The move was aimed at making syllabi more skill oriented and inter-disciplinary for making students employable.

“The UGC desires to create a database of universities regarding revision of syllabi for its perusal. Dean (academic affairs) or equivalent authority at each university should send information on that in prescribed to UGC within 15 days,” the letter states.

Moved by complaints that curricula of academic programmes offered by institutions of higher learning are not updated periodically, UGC in January directed universities to revise syllabi of all academic programmes in every three years.

The UGC letter had stated: “In a world changing at breakneck speed, any conceptual innovations and technological breakthroughs are subjected to further alterations and up-gradation within a short span since their launch.

“In such a vibrant climate, the responsibility to address the needs created by self activating change lies at the door of educational leaders, classroom teachers, academic administrators, and community leaders. One efficient way to fulfill these needs is periodic curriculum revision.”

The UGC believes that the ever-enhancing needs of various quarters of society and culture can be addressed effectively when inter-disciplinary of the programmes offered by the university can be complemented effectively by a robust mechanism to revisiting and revision of the curricula at regular interval of time.

The UGC had asked universities to accord top priority to the matter and take immediate action so that the curricula of various programmes are revised and adopted for quick implementation by at universities and the affiliated colleges.