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Indore: They want to see their son as farmer


Rajendra Singh and Chanchal Kaur with their son Gurubux

Indore: “You are what you eat. And I don’t want my son to take contaminated and poisonous edibles,” the 52-year-old Rajendra Singh, said. An employee in railways, Singh has decided to start farming and to eliminate all ‘un’ natural things from him and his family’s life. His wife Chanchal Kaur, who retired from Indian railways, joined him as a partner and started building a natural habitat for their son and a model for others. While most of the parents dream to make their offspring a successful engineer or doctor, Singh has the passion for making his son a farmer, who always remains close to the nature.

“Now not even farmers want their sons to be farmer and they are swiftly coming to urban areas. But, I think farming is the best business yet if practises properly. I have invested a land piece of 2.25 bigha in Asarawad Bujurg and will develop a sustainable farm there. Whether it is energy consumption or food, everything will be generated there,” he said.
The couple believed that their initiative will not only help in making a pollution free environment but also a healthy future for generations. They have invested more than Rs 20 lakh already and estimated cost for the complete project is Rs 30 lakh more.

“Money doesn’t matter for us when it comes on our son Gurubux Singh. He also has a record to have the youngest PAN card holder, who received his card on fourth day of his birth,” the couple said. Singh and his wife didn’t belong to farmers’ family but they have the zeal to become farmer and to make their son as well.

Rajendra Singh was born in Neemuch and stayed in various cities due to transfers during work. He is still posted in Ajmer but has chosen Indore to get settle. “We had chosen few cities for getting settled and to live our dream and the search ended in Indore. We are still learning farming and use of sustainable energy through various sessions by experts across the country,” they said. Singh will too take VRS soon if he doesn’t get transfer to Indore.

Giving natural exposure to Gurubux

The couple has been giving natural exposure to their son. They use to visit to veterinary hospitals, farms, jungle trekking and historical monuments instead of going to malls or other places during their free time or weekends. “Aim behind going such places is to provide natural environment to our son so that he learns and to connect himself from Mother Nature and philanthropic works,” Singh said.

Couple’s planning for the farm

Rajendra and Chanchal have been planning to equip their farm with solar energy and also to produce vegetables, spices, herbs there. They will also keep cattle to get fresh milks and products so that they will not be dependent on any of the ‘un’ natural thing.