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Indore: Smartchip company staff strike hits RTO work for 4 hours


Indore: Large number of applicants for various services in the Regional Transport Office had to face a tough time on Wednesday as employees of ‘Smartchip’ company, responsible for the work of driving licence and permit struck work suddenly for hours.

Employees too staged a demonstration at the RTO office and protested against the officials of the company to press for their demands. The work of RTO office was affected for four hours from 11 am to 3 pm. The agitating employees were irate over transfer of their colleagues to different cities and were demanding to cancel their transfer with the immediate effect as it is affecting their personal and professional life.

“Most of our colleagues have been transferred to different cities without any reason. These employees are getting meagre salary of Rs 7000-10,000 and they could barely manage in Indore as they belong to the same city,” agitating employees said. They added that managing in another city with this salary is difficult as they will have to take an accommodation on rent which would not be less than Rs 5000.

“We were surprised to see the sudden orders for transfer. We asked the officials about the same but our request fell in deaf ears due to which we struck work,” employees said. Meanwhile, RTO MP Singh informed the senior officials of Smartchip Company to handle the situation as large number of people were facing trouble in getting their work done.

“Immediately after learning about the situation, we asked the officials of Smartchip Company to intervene as it was under their jurisdiction,” he said adding “We will intervene if required to handle the situation.” Meanwhile, after the assurance from the senior officials of the company, employees called off the strike and return to work. The RTO said that they have also asked the officials to assure that no repetition of the same would take place.