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Indore: School forces parents to buy shoes of a particular brand from a particular shop at double the cost


Indore: In another audacious scheme to mint easy money, St Arnold’s Higher Secondary School at Scheme no 74 was found forcing parents to buy school shoes of a particular brand from a particular shop at double the cost than normal ones for their wards studying in the school.

Filing a complaint, parents association though had reported the issue to collector in a ‘Jan Sunwai’ and further shared the same with district education officer (DEO), Indore in 2017, no action has been taken yet in this regard despite inspection report claimed to have confirmed the allegation made by the parents.

Commenting on the school’s audacity, activist Sunil Khandelwal, who has been fighting these kinds of irregularities in schools legally for quite a long time, said “Every school seems to be out for money and only money.

They concentrate more on tie-ups with shops instead of educating children.” He informed that indeed the school had been forcing parents to buy school shoes from a shop named ‘Sports World’ which costs around Rs 750 per pair.

“These shoes are not standard black shoes; rather they are funky shoes which are hardly ever used in any school,” Khandelwal said. He further informed that compounding the woes of parents the school has refused to allow students putting on any other sports shoes brought from anywhere else.

“Schools can prescribe black or white shoes and not enforce a particular shoe of a particular brand that is available only at a particular shop. Is it fair to force parents like this?” Khandelwal rued.

“Forced by the uncompromising attitude of the school, parents are helpless. School students always grow fast physically and therefore, their shoe size changes every year. Now, spending so much just on shoes in every academic year doesn’t suit everybody’s pocket, especially when parents are already struggling hard to bear the cost of education itself,” said Khandelwal.

“We had filed a complaint regarding the same to collector in Jan Sunwai and further shared the problem with DEO last year. The plaint with all the evidence was accepted and a probe committee too was formed to ascertain the truth which concluded that school was indeed at fault,” informed the activist.

He further explained that “But it’s been six months since then and nothing has been done in the matter; we could not even manage to file an FIR against the school in the matter. An FIR would help us forward the complaint to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) seeking necessary action.”

“We will be approaching the collector again on Tuesday to seek his help in registering an FIR against the St Arnold’s School. Besides, we will also request him to take strict action against another, Chameli Devi Public School for running its operations from the third floor of a trade centre– Yashwant Plaza – and without proper facilities for the schoolchildren,” Khandelwal said.