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Indore: Residents feel urgent need for water recharging, harvesting practices


Indore: Each passing day, difficulties of city residents are mounting due to the growing water shortage, which is spreading to more areas swiftly. Bore wells have dried up in many areas and water supply from municipal corporation’s taps is also dwindling. Where civic bodies are trying to fill the gap between demand and supply by increasing the number of private water tankers and extracting more water from Narmada, residents are also gearing up to go that extra mile to save water.

Residents of Shiv City, Silicon City and many other townships across the city have started a campaign for saving water, requesting people to opt for water recharging and harvesting techniques in their areas. “We are facing water shortage for last one month and the condition was same last year too. More than 5,000 residents of the area are affected and facing trouble along with their routine woes,” Alok Sharma, a resident of Shiv City said.

He said the area had more than 20 bore wells but all had dried up with the inception of summers. “We all have decided to opt for water recharging and harvesting techniques to avoid such problems, especially in summers,” Sharma said.

Residents organised an expert interaction in which a water-recharging expert informed them about the ways of recharging and nature of soil in their area. Resident Swapnesh Patel said, “We have called our relatives and requested them not to visit our place this summer due to water problem. Now, we are planning to implement ways to secure the future as our children too will suffer from shortage.” Similarly, people in other areas have also started taking up steps to save water, especially to handle crisis in the coming scorching days.

 What They Say

 “We are facing acute water crisis for a long time and now are opting for water recharging. We have started a campaign in our area to avoid such crisis in future.”

 Alok Sharma, area manager, pharmaceutical company

“Water crisis in the area is an eye opener for all. We all must initiate action to save water to have a happy future.”

 Manmay Sharma, engineer

 “People must come forward to save water. We cannot imagine life without water and early steps to save it are needed immediately.”

Swapnesh Patel, resident

 “Struggle for water has become a daily routine. We have started a campaign in our area and the entire city should join in.”

Ramesh Panth, resident