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Indore: Rain brings smiles, miseries to follow


Indore: With the arrival of monsoon, health experts claim to have witnessed a rise of about 5-10 per cent cases of tropical diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhoea within a week. Taking the matter seriously, the district health department has issued an advisory for residents to remain safe and healthy.

City doctors said that owing to rising humidity level and spell of rains, cases of tropical diseases might go up to 40 per cent in the coming days. The cases have also been on the rise due to contaminated water. Former IDSP incharge and incumbent Chief Medical and Health Officer of Shajapur Dr GL Sodhi said that people need to be cautious of such ailments because gastroenteritis can lead to serious illness such as kidney failure owing to lack of fluids in the body.

Renowned physician Dr Mahendra Jha said they are witnessing two to three cases of gastroenteritis in a day which is a bit high as compared to normal days. He said that dehydration, loss of fluids and intake of junk food lead to gastroenteritis problems.

“We are observing more patients turning up with diarrhoea and gastroenteritis problems due to weak stomach in the season. One of the major reasons could be contamination of food as people today are habituated to outside food which is not good for body,” Dr Jha said.

Similarly, all government hospitals including District Hospital, MY Hospital, PC Sethi Hospital and Hukumchand Polyclinic have been witnessing high footfall of patients in normal days. Footfall in MY Hospital remains up to 700-800 in the out-patient departments. It crossed the mark of 1000 from on Monday due to the seasonal changes. In its advisory, the district health department mentioned that taking necessary precautions such as eating healthy home-made food, increasing intake of water and juices.

“People should consume boiled water and cook food properly before eating and avoid consumption of outside junk food as it can lead to contamination of food and water,” Dr Sodhi said. Sources said that cases of malaria are also rising and a few of the suspected cases of dengue are also found in last few days. However, the reports of all the cases were negative.