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Indore: Prices of food items to see 10% hike in October


Come October, people will shell out more on essential commodities as the transporters are set to increase freight due to sharp increase in diesel price. It is said that prices of food items would cost 10% more from October 1 as the transporters have decided to increase freight by 20%. The increase in diesel prices is not only affecting profit margin of the transporters but affecting their business also. The transporters have decided to raise transport cost of food items to remain in the business.

A top ranking official of Association of Parcel Transport and Fleet Owners stated that we have decided to raise freight by 20% from October 1 and the proposal would be approved in a meeting of the association any time next week. But the quantum of rise in freight charges and date of its implementation is sure. The Association is primarily engaged in transportation of good and grocery items. The rise will definitely hit people. Since the city is a major hub of all kinds of food items and most of items come from various parts of the country and also dispatched to entire MP, parts of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Food and grocery market experts endorse the fact that there will be rise of 20% in freight charges and this will also increase food prices by 10% with immediate effect. We are going to increase freight by 20% from October 1. The rise in diesel prices is not only affecting our profit but also our business. Even if, diesel prices start dropping in coming days, freight charge will remain as usual.

-Rakesh Tiwari, President Association of Parcel Transport and Fleet Owners.

If transporters increase freight by 20%, the effective tariff would be much higher for countryside as the goods come to the city from outside and then it dispatched to their destination. However, this rise in freight would ultimately increase the price of general commodities at least by 10%.

-Ramesh Khandelwal, President, Siyaganj Whole Sale Kirana Merchants Association.

Petrol-Diesel rates of Thursday

Petrol 86.83 +0.12 Paisa

Diesel 77.09 +0.12 paisa

Diesel price shoot by Rs 14 so far

From January 1 this year to September 13 (Thursday), the diesel price recorded rise of Rs 14.70 per liter. On January 1, the price of diesel per litre was 62.39 while for Thursday its price was Rs 77.09.