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Indore: Prayers, food, family get-togethers mark Vishu celebrations


Indore: The members of Malayali community celebrated Vishu, the New Year, with prayers, special food and family get-togethers on Sunday. They visited Lord Ayyappa temple to seek blessings.

As part of celebrations, parents covered eyes of children and took them to the room where Vishu arrangement was in place. “We made arrangement on Saturday late night to surprise our children,” homemaker Radhika Nair said. A typical Vishu preparation includes placing fruits, flowers and a pot of water before the image of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu.

As per tradition, one looks at one’s own reflection in ‘valkannadi’ (traditional mirror made of metal) before admiring the image of Lord Guruvayoorappan  (Lord Vishnu is worshipped in famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala).

“Looking at our own reflection reminds us that God resides in our heart,” Radhika said. An important aspect of understanding and celebrating every cycle is to respect and understand life that is inside us. Talking about the festival, businessman Sajan Panicker said, “Vishu literally means equal and in the festival context it connotes the completion of spring equinox.” He said it also reminds us of balance maintained by nature.

“Everything we do in life must be balanced and we learn the art of balancing from nature, which is what Vishu teaches us,” Panicker said. Sharing special aspect of celebration this year, businessman Unnikrishnan Pillai said, “Our 10-day long ‘Pranapratistha’ (idol consecration) for the temple concluded on Vishu, which makes it more special for us.” “Celebrating with community is like celebrating with extended family, so it makes everything grand and better,” digital marketer Shari Nair said. Celebrations in the temple included prayers, music and food.

“Food is important in every festival, so we had traditional delicacies including Kanji, Vishukatta and Thoran,” Nair said. She said Vishukatta is a delicacy prepared from freshly harvested rice powder and coconut milk served with jaggery and is must for Vishu celebrations.