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Indore: ‘People are most misunderstood about spiritual quotient’


Indore: Management Guru Aseem Shrivastava said: “We all know about IQ, EQ and in the recent past about SQ. We give so much importance to IQ, we have some understanding of EQ. But we are the most misunderstood about Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Beyond SQ is OQ (Oneness Quotient).

He further said that this is still not explored but the problem and irony of the current time is that we all belief that spirituality and oneness is something distance and mysterious and only associated with gurus, who are not to be trusted and often linked to money, religion and scandals.

Shrivastava was addressing a workshop organised by Indore Management Association (IMA) on subject ‘a Conscious living for Corporate World-Ulta Pulta Way to success” here at Hotel Sayaji on Tuesday. Shrivastava, is a former Managing Director at Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd, Pune.

He said that the corporate world is all about numbers where the law of ‘survival of the fittest’ applies if you are finding it difficult to survive, become a crab and pull other down. Even young executives are exposed to similar mind-set. They come to job with enthusiasm, passion and purpose and slowly molded to become a crab or a dog. It seems that people have taken it wrong. The secret of success whether in personal or corporate world is a balance between profit and purpose, stress & joy, science & spirituality, yin & yang, Laxmi and Narayan, an approach that makes life meaningful (Sarthak).

The workshop was divided into four sessions.

Session-1 Building right attitude/mind-set for corporate world. Steve Jobs once said that ‘remembering that you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that there is something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart’. Fearlessness it seems played a key role in success of Steve Jobs. Fearlessness is an attitude.

Session-2 Understanding Global Cultures, based on Fon theory.

Culture of any country and attitude of their citizen are complimentary. The difference between cultures and its mirror image of each other is that which shows the entire scenario.

Session-3. Practicing power of now.  He said voice should be to listen in the head not in the ears and synchronization of spiritual thoughts makes your work more effective and efficient. Session-4. How to be a star, based on Robert Kelly Philosophy.

Intellectual capital is economic engine for the foreseeable future. The Most intellectual capital is stored in people’s heads and Hearts. Unleashing this brainpower-heart power for sustainable higher productivity yields tremendous competitive advantage Research by Robert Kelly reveals that secret of productivity and star performance.

The workshop was amalgamation of verbal, audio-visual and activity based facilitation. The participants were encouraged to interact, question and discuss to arrive at a better understanding of the subject matter. The prog was attended by participants from Piramal, Sayaji, Gabriel,  Roccea Bliss and many other Individual members.