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Indore: Parent alleges corporal punishment still a trend in SICA School


Indore: Despite clear instructions from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), some schools believe corporal punishment is justified for maintaining discipline in school, claimed a parent.

Recently, a parent of a student of SICA School filed a complaint with the child commission as well as CBSE, stating his wards fell victim to such kind of abuse in the school and despite repeated requests the school refused to abandon the system of corporal punishment. According to the aggrieved parent Rajesh Tiwari, his two children, who have been studying in SICA School since they took admission in kindergarten years back, were given corporal punishments on several occasions despite excelling in academics and not being at fault.

“In the first such incident, teachers punished them strictly when they were in KG 1. Then again in KG 2, school teachers slapped them one day over some issue. These unjustified physical harassments had left my wards in depression,” he said, adding “Whenever I raised the issue with the school administration, they threatened me with ruining the future of my kids and not even allowed me to talk to the teacher to clarify the issue.”

Tiwari rued that apart from these two incidents, “Teachers also mock my children, making it unbearable for them to continue the school. For example, a teacher made a cartoon of my son for wearing a different hairstyle and humiliated him in front of other students when he was in class I. Following the incident, his friends also started mocking my son, which broke his confidence. When I approached the school in this matter, they threatened to remove my children instead of discussing the matter with the teachers.”

“Despite being good at studies and obedient to their teachers, the school is continuously trying to harass my kids. How is it justified that schools can hurt children and get away with it,” he asked.

He also informed that recently, the school called a meeting to force him remove his kids from the school. “I attended the meeting and explained my point of view. I also urged them not to hurt my kids to which the entire administration assured me of treating my kids fairly. But sadly, despite everything the teachers have been still isolating my children in the classroom. While the entire class sits together, my kids are made to sit alone on corner benches,” he said.

“I discussed the same with school trustee VS Mani, who was very rude to me and asked me to leave the issue. And adding to its woes, a teacher even recently asked students not to share what happens in school with their parents,” he added.

I have written a letter to CBSE, filed a complaint with child commission and even spoken to collector in this regard and awaiting their response to proceed ahead in the matter. I would happily remove my children from the school if needed,” the aggrieved father said. Notably, though Right to Education (RTE) Act defines corporal punishment as physical or mental harassment, making it illegal and a punishable offence under Sections 17(1) and 17(2), many schools in the city still use the means freely to discipline students, as the CBSE, child commission, collector or any other competent authority hardly takes any action against them.

Despite being good at studies and obedient to their teachers, the school is continuously trying to harass my kids. How can a school hurt children and get away with it. Whenever I raised the issue with school administration, they threatened me with ruining the future of my kids and not even allowed me to talk to teachers to clarify the issue

Rajesh Tiwari, Parent

The problem is on for last six years. Most teachers do not even want to become class teacher of the classes these children are studying in. When we have a small problem, he brought seven of his friends to school and threatened us. Teachers as well as their families are worried about their safety. We called a PTA meeting immediately after that

Madhukar Pawar, School principal


The problem is on since long time. We tried to solve it, but in vain. The teacher even cried and apologised to him. Even I apologised, but still he keeps on threatening. He always boasts of his influence for being a reporter. When he went to collector, we also sent our teachers and principal to settle the issue. We really regret having such students

SBS Iyer, Chairperson

I did not hit the kid, but he falsely claimed so. I was there in his class for just 15 minutes and I was telling a story. I think kids seek attention

Yogina Doshi, Hindi teacher

I handle 42 students in my class. Rudransh insists on going to washroom frequently, which disturbs my class. I think this frequent need to go to washroom is setting a bad example for others. In the first PTM, his parents came and were sharing their previous experience with punishments. I insisted on not discussing it anymore and concentrating on the present, but they were very aggressive

Vinita Negi, Teacher

My experience with the parent (Rajesh Tiwari) is unpleasant. He has even threatened to slap the teacher to avenge slapping of his son

Subhalaxmi Anaokar, Headmistress

Every time, he (Rajesh Tiwari) visits our school with a complaint; he expects the matter to be solved then and there. Actually, it is not possible. He has threatened us with conducting sting operation

Bhuvana Ganesh, Assistant headmistress

Principal had informed me about the case and suggested to remove the children. Then he called a meeting, which Rahesh Tiwari refused to attend. Later, principal issued him a letter following which he attended the meeting. We listened to his views, as he claimed to have evidence of the teacher hitting his child. However, he failed to present anything as such. Still, we assured him to solve the problem and asked him to discuss his issues only on PTA platform. However, he insisted on handling the issue on personal level. Then we together decided to remove the kids. But, yet again we gave him a second chance

CA Ramesh Sonel, Ex-PTA president