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Indore: Outbreak spreads tentacles, 8 fresh cases in 24 hours


Indore: With frequent fluctuation in temperature as well as humidity level creating favourable condition for viruses to flourish, vector borne diseases have again started spreading its tentacles in city, as eight more citizens fell prey to the outbreak on a single day on Monday. After a brief lull, while six more patients have been diagnosed with dengue on Monday, two more suspected patients were tested positive of chikungunya the same day, bringing sweat back to the forehead of health department officials.

With the fresh cases, the number of dengue patients in city so far has reached 138 and the number of chikungunya patients reached 33. According to nodal officer of Integrated Diseases Surveillance Programme (IDSP), Dr Asha Pandit, “All the patients are doing well and some of them are even discharged from hospitals.” Explaining the confusion she said “Actually, we have received the report of samples late. By the time the diagnosis was reported, several suspected patients recovered from the symptoms and left hospitals healthy.

We are now getting reports of several samples which we had sent for diagnosis about a week ago.” On the status of swine flu outbreak in city Dr
Pandit said the “Department has so far sent as many as 300 pathological samples of suspected H1N1 cases for laboratory tests out of which 138
have been found positive.” No death from the disease has been reported yet, she added.

She further clarified “Four H1N1 patients have been admitted in different hospitals of the city and their conditions are critical.” However, reports of their pathological samples were pending with the laboratory in Jabalpur, Pandit informed.