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Indore: National Write Your Story Day Today


Indore: Life is a journey through many ups and downs, but how we handle these moments and recall our life forms our story. Everyone has a story to share and National Write Your Story Day encourages people to pen down their story on March 14.

Though not everyone prefers writing, but everyone share an important part of their story in some or the other form. Using artistic forms, some paint a picture with a life lesson, some capture moments in photographs and many are great narrators of their story.

Taking some time away from their routine, people shared highlights of their story that would form an interesting piece for reading.

Her ‘Gurus’: first art then teaching life

If I would write my story, it would be filled with memories from my golden days. Everyone has golden days in their life. Yes, I am talking about school and college days, the time when we learn and move towards our goal.

I feel inspired by people and those people make my story. My father-in-law (Ganesh Narayan Vaidya) was my guru. I always think about my teachers and friends when I consider life. These wonderful people who teach and support us in direct and indirect ways are our life.

In fact, even when I meet my teachers from college and school now, it is amazing feeling bringing golden shine to life. Recently, I remember coming across my guru (DattatrayPadekar), whom I could not recognise.

The same teachers who seemed strict and stern tickle our funny bones now. I have so many teachers who taught performing and visual art.

Story of passion, friendship and experiences

I meet new people every day, but only a few can leave a mark on our life. Our story is about those marks left by people and not just about us.

My story is a blend of marks left by inspiring people who have made me who I am today. I start my story with memories of Padma Bhushan (late) SumantMoolgaonkar.

He was an experienced and honoured industrialist. We were from different background, status and place. However, the one thing that brought us together was his hobby and my passion: photography.

From him, I learned so much about wildlife and need for conservation. He was trustee of conservation of wildlife in India. We had a lot of age difference too, but that never came in our friendship.

I have experienced richest lifestyles with my royal friends like Richard Holkar and travelled to smallest villages for my work.

Handwritten stories and memories

My story would have compilation of handwritten stories from college fun to bossy maharaja and loving grandfather.

I can still recall when even making phone calls was an expensive deal. Writing was an art and the best mode of communication. Sadly, our present generation is missing out on a lot.

Nowadays, children start typing before writing, so handwriting competitions and considerations have vanished without a question.

I still treasure a card, note and letter more than any other gift. These handwritten words are soothing. Sometimes, I wish we could zap back to the royal era and come back.