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Indore: MYH assured of check-up by AIIMS doctors, says Mandsaur rape victim’s father


Indore: Amidst demand for referring Mandsaur rape survivor to All India Institute of Medical Sciences by his father, the doctors of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital reportedly assured the family members to get her examined by doctors at AIIMS.

Officially, MYH doctors said that there is no need for it. Talking to mediapersons over phone, father of Mandsaur rape survivor said, “She is recovering well but the only problem is that she is unable to see properly by her right eye.” He said he has informed the doctors of MY Hospital and requested them to refer her to AIIMS. “The doctors have assured us about it before being discharged her from the hospital,” he said.

However, assistant superintendent of hospital Dr Sunil Narang said the patient is recovering well and a team of doctors are continuously observing her. “I am not aware of any such assurance given by doctors and don’t feel the need that she should be referred to AIIMS,” he said. He added that the decision of discharging the patient would be taken by doctors.