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Indore: Marked decrease in HIV patients in 2016


Indore: The city heaves a sigh of relief as the number of AIDS patients has decreased remarkably due to rise in awareness among citizens. Now, youths are voluntarily going for tests before their marriage.

District Nodal Officer Dr Vijay Chhajlani said, “There has been decline in number of patients as compared to the previous records.”

The records of Health Department reveals that number of people who have undergone ELISA test or Western Blot test or other tests for HIV/AIDS have increased but the patients with ‘positive’ result has decreased.  One must give credit to awareness among people for the reduction.

The Health Department statistics said that nearly 86,938 people underwent either test in 2016 out of which 600 patients were found to be positive.

In 2015, at least 94035 people underwent such tests and 668 patients were found to be HIV positive, the decrease of 68 patients is a creditable one with one month left.  District Nodal Officer for AIDS, Dr Vijay Chhajlani added, “In the recent past the number of people going for HIV tests have increased but thanks to the awareness among people, the number of patients has decreased. This proves that the myths of HIV have been busted and people are ready to go for such tests,”

On the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1, the District AIDS awareness cell will be celebrating an awareness fortnight. As a part of this campaign the cell will organise an awareness rally, community meetings, etc. NGOs working for AIDS awareness and AIDS patients including Indore School of Social Work will also take out a bi-cycle rally and will participate in these programmes.