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Indore: ‘Lack of sanitary facilities in govt schools huge barrier for girls’ education’


Indore: Studying government schools in nearby villages, students of Daly College and exchange students from De Montfort University had observed that lack of sanitary facilities in government schools was proving to be a huge barrier for girls’ education.

Considering the same, students built a washroom for Govt Higher Secondary School, Dudhiya and gifted it to them as a part of their effort for society development during their recent visit. In 2013, the student committee of Daly College began their survey of Government schools in the vicinity of Indore. The decision of providing washrooms for girls was taken by Daly College students and was supported by the former Principal Dr Sumer Singh.

So far students have constructed a twin set of washrooms with water reservoir and septic tank in 17 Government schools in and around Indore. The idea is to sensitize students and gain first hand information to the problem faced by the underprivileged section of the society. “In absence of washroom facility, there is a continuous rise in the number of drop-outs from schools,” students’ report quoted. It explains that in most of the school buildings constructed by government, there is no provision for washrooms and maintenance is not even thought of.

“This causes a lot of inconvenience to both teachers and the taught. The budget crunch and administrative sanction for the construction of washroom in the school buildings is a nightmare,” the report explained.

In this endeavour,the school received support from various groups and organisations. Different fund raising activities were also organised by students to raise funds for the project. In 2015, Service Wing of De Montfort University ‘Square Mile’ in England also joined DC in the noble cause and participated in the construction of washrooms in Govt. School Khajrana, Govt. High School, Pagnispaga and Govt. School Jawahar Tekari.

This year, a team of nine participants from De Montfort University, nine students from DC in collaboration with Round Table India have constructed a twin set of washroom for girls at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dudhiya, Indore. Continuing the tradition, school principal Neeraj Kumar Bedhotiya, Principal, Daly College handed over the washroom to Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dudhiya.

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