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Indore: Innovative suggestions mark three-day IIMUN meet


Indore: The 3-day International Model United Nations (IIMUN) concluded on Sunday. Director general of IIMUN, Indore Harshal Jain addressed the delegates and encouraged them to participate in IIMUN again next year.

NDPS principal Winston Gomez addressed the delegates hoping that they learnt from this experience and are able to use this in their lives.  The closing ceremony was also marked by a band performance by NDPS students Ashwin Advani and Rudraksh Golchha. A special IIMUN video prepared by the International Press was unveiled. On the occasion Best Delegation, Best Delegate, High Commendation and Special Mention awards were given away.

Along with these awards, the Executive Board members and organising committee were honoured with certificates.

Executive Board members and delegates had an interactive session of back-to-back question and answer and challenge rounds. The two-day long discussions and debates at NDPS-IIMUN came to a close with some interesting resolutions being ratified and passed.

Committees were filled with innovative suggestions and new ideas, which all strived to solve the issues at hand. From agendas like Clean India Campaign to global Wealth everything was discussed all along by young students delegate got an excellent opportunity to put forth their views  and were criticised and appreciated by the thumping of the tables.

The Security Council and DISEC raised intense and penetrating issues like World Peace. The committee sessions proceeded as various governments cleared their stances. While the proceedings were about DISEC and Security Council, the International Court of Justice was filled with silence and every delegate was looking forward to see the advocate and their evidence packets of the applicants.

Maintaining of global peace & security with special reference to Syria

Security Council at NDPS IIMUN Indore discussed crime against humanity perpetrated by the Syrian government. Some favoured punishment for the Syrian president while others suggested fresh election in Syria. Further suggestions included solving refugee crisis in Syria.  If 280 countries across the world agree to accept at least 1000 refugees from Syria, the problem would be solved. With other resolution, including those recommending action towards global terrorism issues the conference session on day one was a hub of vitality and enthusiasm.

War should be avoided at all cost

After raging debate, Kargil war cabinet of NDPS-IIMUN Indore came to the point that wars should be avoided as there are serious economic crisis after the war on both the parties. Ishan Inani, chairing the committee stated, “PM was unaware about the war however the enemy country decided to send its troops as a diplomatic step. The statement that wars are futile was supported by the majority.”