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Indore: IMC searching for new water sources around city


Indore: While supply of additional 180 MLD drinking water under Narmada III phase is already awaited, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is searching for new water sources around Indore and rejuvenating ponds here to draw more water from them. “To reduce our dependency on Narmada river, we are searching for more sources of water so that in case of any emergency those sources could ensure uninterrupted water supply in the city,” said Balram Verma, in-charge of water works committee at IMC. While Tinchhafall catchment is IMC’s prime hope, it is also carrying out survey at Sheetlamata Fall bed also, which is located about 60 km away from Indore at a village in Manpur.

As per primary survey of the IMC, waterbed of this fall is 300 meter wide and 6.5 kilometer long. Also the area where water falls is 150 feet deep. “If this water is channelised, we can expect up to 100 MLD water from Sheetlamata Fall,” said Verma.  He also stated that they were also carrying out survey at Gambir river which contributes 30 MLD to the total supply of water in the city.  The IMC believes that it can draw additional 30 MLD water from this river. The IMC is also deepening Bilawali pond, Chhoti Bilawali pond and Yashwant Sagar Sagar pond ahead of the monsoon so that during rainy days more amount of water is collected at these water bodies. “Chhoti Bilawali pond had almost vanished. But, we have rejuvenated it by digging on its land,” Verma said. He stated that the total area of Chhoti Bilawali pond is 90 acres which had reduced to 15 to 20 acres.

“We have dug a lot of area of this pond and release water from Bilawali pond in Chhoti Bilawali pond,” he said. He also stated that they are digging out silt gathered on Yaswant Sagar land. “Currently, we receive about 30 MLD water from this tank. Next year, we will deepen this pond so that we could double the drawing capacity from this water body,” he added. As per norms, each 135 liters of per capita water should be provided for domestic use. Currently, the IMC is supplying 97 liters of water per capita.