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Indore: ‘I felt education was misunderstood as just a tool to pass exams, not knowledge’


Indore: Recognising his immense contribution in the field of education, International Business Council, New Delhi conferred ‘Best Educationist of the Year Award’ on principal of Vidyasagar school, Dr DC Sharma for the year 2016. Former governor of Assam and Tamil Nadu, Dr Bhishm Narayan Singh and former chief election commissioner of India, GVG Krishnamurthy acknowledged the effort of veteran educationist with a trophy, gold medal and a certificate of excellence.

Sharing his journey in the field of education, Sharma said “I have been in the field of education for about 29 years, including seven years of post-doctoral fellowship at department of Biotechnology, Govt of India, and research-cum-teaching in university teaching department.” With a firm belief in education as the only way to transform the world and bring changes, he always wanted to become an educationist and provide quality education to children for their holistic development.

Talking about how he was inspired to bring changes, Sharma said “I noticed poor quality of education in different areas and wanted to change that scenario. I felt that education was misunderstood as just a tool to pass examinations, not knowledge.” He liked studying and learning from his very childhood, which went on to make education a fun for him. Aiming at imparting such learning culture to the next generation by providing right environment, he shifted from research to teaching.

Sharing what helped him coping up with his teaching stress, Sharma said “There is no word called ‘difficult’ in my dictionary. I must accomplish if a decision is taken.” It was evident in his dedication and hard work in becoming an educationist from a researcher as well, as he accepted the challenges of working as a school teacher, hitherto new to him and succeeded in justifying the role.

“My father was a police officer and he used to follow strict rules even at home. Growing up in such disciplined environment and ruthless training made me tough,” Sharma reminisced. While strictness turns out to be a helpful virtue for him as a teacher at times, the same poses hurdle as well, especially while managing primary students.

“When I moved to Punjab Public School, Nabha, the situation reversed,” Sharma said. It was tough for he had never before taught schoolchildren despite working with Daly College prior to that. “With those kids, I had to play a mother’s role and that was really unexpected and uncomfortable for me,” Sharma said. However, as the challenge has already been taken, with the help of his wife Anita Sharma, he gradually learned to go soft on several issues and get along well with the kids.

Discussing the most important lesson of his life, Sharma said “I have learned that we need to work with accountability, without expectation, without thinking of past, without fear and worry of tomorrow if we wish to bring positive changes.” He also emphasised on flexibility and management as the most important lessons of his life. “I have learned to change, adapt and give everything, and it has helped me become a happy individual,” Sharma said.