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Indore: Human Dynamo: 17-yr-old who challenges self to do better than yesterday


Indore: With exposure to global opportunities, 17-year-old student Pranit Gupta transformed from being an introvert to an extrovert and now, chooses to study economics over engineering.

From a regular Indian boy, who naturally opts to become an engineer, this transformation has been funded by Dartmouth College, USA with Rs 1.5 crore full scholarships for four years. Pranit received the document confirming scholarship recently and would be flying to America in September.

Sharing his story of transformation, he said “I grew up with a dream every Indian kid has… I wanted to become an engineer and do my studies from one of the government institutes of India.”

He was studious and sincere with good academic record. “I was an introvert – shy around people, struggling to start a conversation, and reluctant to participate in one until things turned around,” Pranit said.

In class ninth, he was selected to represent school at Bal Vigyan where he had to welcome the gathering. “Over 200 students, a microphone in my hand, and a monologue to deliver; it was a bad experience, which confirmed my first fear– public speaking,” Pranit said.

As much as a part of him resisted, another challenged the feat and a frivolous attempt to participate in another public speaking event, which turned out to be another disaster.“A couple of my friends introduced me to a new educational trend – Model United Nations right about then,” Pranit said. He decided to join the conferences and learn more.

“In one of the MUN conferences in Mumbai, I volunteered to speak from the school and spoke flutteringly in front of over 400 students from across India,” Pranit said. He was not able to deliver yet, but got better than before.

“I did not stop there and continued to challenge myself until my words were clear and voice was bold enough to bag an award,” Pranit said. Across months, he participated in prestigious conferences including the Harvard MUN and Harvard US-India Initiative, and won some awards. “At school, I conducted quizzes, organized events, and represented the school at countless competitions,” Pranit said.

In August, he went to the New York City as the youngest member of the Indian Delegation to the UN Youth Assembly.“All this while, my initial ambitions of becoming an engineer were sidestepping. I wanted to change the world now, and I had developed a unique interest in International Relations and Economics,” Pranit said. Applying to various international universities, he finally got a call letter from Darthmouth.

“I do not know much about economics or the world since even my world was confined to science for too long, but I am willing to learn and explore,” Pranit concluded.