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Indore: Himanshu lives his dream to make city new centre of Bollywood music


Indore: Himanshu Mishra, 24-year old sound engineer, has been trying to make Indore as the new centre of Bollywood music and pulling major work from the ‘Mayanagari’ to ‘Mini-Mumbai’ by his passion and tireless efforts.

Mishra is working with one of the biggest sound studios in the city, Aalaap Studio.

“Currently I am working on a project and couldn’t go to my home for last two days to live my passion,” Mishra said.

He topped in all India sound engineering exam held by Mumbai University in 2014 and his new song ‘Faded by Mr Pro’ is the new internet sensation which has more than 6,000 views and likes in three days.

“Along with sounds engineering, I have started video editing and our documentary, Kaali Chaat, has bagged numerous international awards,” he said.

Learned from Shakir Hussain and Khare and inspired by AR Rahman, Mishra struggled to become a sound engineer as his family members protested against his choice.

“My family was against my decision and they have put me in the business of ice-creams. I was earning good but not getting satisfaction. Later, I went to Mumbai and to take sound engineering exam and my result motivated my parents to support my passion,” Mishra said.

The chief sound engineer, who worked with various renowned music directors and singer including Benny Dayal, Palak and Palash Muchhal, has a dream to work with Rahman.

“Indore will become the new centre of entertainment in our country soon as people in the city are catching attention of film industry,” he added.

Mishra is also training city youths with same passion to make the city shine in entertainment sector.