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Indore: Here, police shed khaki to mingle with divine


Indore Imagine cops celebrating, dancing and worshipping the feminine form calmly. It is not usual image of cops, especially traffic policemen. Surprising visitors, cops not only participate but also organise garba every year during Navratri in MTH compound. Handling different responsibilities, a committee of policemen and traffic policemen built a temple in MTH compound 35 years back. The committee is headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Santosh Kumar Upadhyay.

Taking charge of coordination and maintenance, retired police officers like Kamal Jaat take out some time everyday to provide free service to society. The cops perform other duties too. Traffic constable Narendra Tiwari handles responsibilities of temple as pujari and organises group prayers in evening every day. Making sure that girls living in the nearby areas perform well, head constable Nalini Patil organised week-long practice before Navratri in temple premises.

She also helped girls in selecting different colour themes for different days. “We ensure that all the girls are able to participate and connect with each other irrespective of their caste, class or culture,” constable Ajay Mishra said.


■ Cops organise and coordinate for garba ■ Special aarti prior to garba at 9 pm ■ Cops in casuals pray and participate in fest ■ Traditional style garba

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