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Indore: Health and Wellness: Go natural for pleasurable winter


Indore: Being the largest organ of body, skin protects all other organs and in turn exposed to weather changes, irritants and allergens. With fluctuating temperature and extreme cold nights, most people are troubled by dryness, cracks, rashes, dandruff, boils, blisters and worsening of psoriasis. While severe problems require medical attention, some general weather issues can be tackled by strengthening body and protecting skin from allergens.

Sharing tips for people to protect their skin and ensure pleasant winters, homeopath Dr Arpit Chopra suggested: We face these problems when
our body fails to adapt to natural changes. And the best way to handle them is by controlling histamine production in body rather than loading up on anti-histamines. Discussing various problems that generally affect skin during winters, he explained dryness to be a major cause of problems. People, who generally have allergy prone skin, face more problems when they lack exposure to sunlight, Chopra said.

He elaborated that growth of infections can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet that empowers body to fight them. It is not a good idea to
pop antibiotic tablets for every pimple, therefore having food containing natural antibiotics should be preferred, Chopra said.

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