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Indore: Govt should declare diabetes a public health problem: Dr Julka


Indore: Recent observation raised an alarm for Indoreans as more than 20 per cent population in city is diabetic and the number is increasing swiftly, said endocrinologist Dr Sandeep Julka.

Owing to the grave scenario across the world “Diabetes should be declared as a public health problem by government without giving any second thought as it is killing one person every second in the world. Moreover, one woman dies due to the silent killer in every four seconds,” Dr Julka said. International Diabetes Federation has focused on the women’s health this year and the theme of World Diabetes Day is ‘Women and Diabetes – Our Right To A Healthy Future.’

“We observe that diabetes among girls is not taken seriously whereas this can also affect their children during pregnancy. We find that parents do not plan a visit to the doctors even after completing the first dose,” Dr Julka said. He added that an international NGO provides free diabetes medicines and test strips to the females till 25 years of age.

Sharing facts about the disease, Dr Julka added, “Fifty per cent diabetic people in our country don’t even know that they are diabetic, while 60-80 per cent people have uncontrolled diabetes.”  Replying over a question, Dr Julka added that total expenditure on diabetes per year is 12 per cent of global expenditure which is more than $ 673 billion. The rate of diabetes in our country has increased 10 times in last 20 years as it was 2.6 per cent in 1986 which rose to 20 per cent now.

Awareness run on Sunday

Dr Julka said that an awareness run will be organised on Sunday from Rajwada to Palasia on World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14. NCC Cadets and medical professionals will participate in the run, aimed at spreading awareness on the silent killer. Furthermore, a programme will be organised at MGM Medical College in which Dr Sandeep Julka, Dr Sarita Roy, Dr Anjali Dash, Shweta Damani, Dr Rubina Vohar and Dr Vinita Kothari will talk about easy steps in diabetes care.


Pay attention to specific needs of women

Access to health care

Preconception planning

Physical activity

Screening for GDM

Train health care personnel


One person dies of diabetes every second in world

One woman dies in every four seconds

Diabetes accounts for 21 Lakh women death worldwide each year

Risk of diabetes increases by 80% due to five kg weight gain after 18 years of age

Two out of five diabetic women are in reproductive age, which means diabetes can pass on to their kids as well

Rs 316 billion are annually spent on diabetes worldwide. This is 11.6% of the total health care expenditure.

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