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Indore: Government move disheartening, expressed residents


Indore: Sudden step of demonetisation of higher denomination notes had put the country aback, a few days ago, but people were shocked even more when the government announced to levy a total tax, penalty and surcharge of 50 per cent on disclosing black money.

Most Indoreans feel that tall claims of the government to act against black money hoarders fell flat with this announcement as the government has given a window to the ‘accused’ to come out clean and make their money white.

However, some supported the move with the hope that government would take action against those who disclose their ill-gathered property after taking it from them.

Amit Rathore, a businessman, believed that the government has cheated those who have deposited their hard earned money after waiting in queue for hours to support them in fight against corruption and black money.

“They have fooled the country as people supported them but at the time of taking action, they are motivating black money hoarders again,” Amit said.

Chartered Accountant Nagendra Singh Bais said, “It is a confusing move by the government as they were proving themselves strict against black money and corruption and now they have opened the window for being clean.”

Bais said that the government is doing the same thing which many people were doing these days of turning black money into white on per cent sharing basis.

The government has also proposed to lock the 25 per cent money interest free for four years and to put them in Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Cess for the welfare of poor.

“Already there are many schemes for the welfare of poor and if those were implemented properly than there would be no poverty in our country. The government should make laws for equal opportunities and not to leave those involved in corruption,” Anjana Niranjan, a house-wife said.

What They Said

“Government forces people to stand in queue and now it is giving relief to the black money hoarders. If the government wanted to do the same then why they gave trouble to people.”

Sandesh Vyas, Artist

“The decision of government is confusing as any sort of relief to black money hoarders is nothing but cheating with those who have deposited their hard-earned money in banks to support the government’s move.”

Atul Tiwari, Co-founder, MP360

“It might be possible that the government will not return blocked money or act against them also who have disclosed their black money. Time will tell the truth.”

Vinor Raj Chauhan, Public relations consultant

“It is a good move as the government can utilise the money, which would have been wasted or burnt by those having black money. However, the government should not give any relief after taking the money.”

Ankit Chaudhary, Professional 

“There is still hope that illegal money can be used for welfare of poor but the government should take action against those who disclose their black money.’

Saujanya Laghate, Artist