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Indore: Fitness freaks run, paddle and make fun to get fitter


Indore: Dedicating a weekend to their health, a good number of cyclists and fitness freaks participated in a ‘duathlon’ held in the city, throwing a challenge to their cardiovascular system.

Over 100 runners and cyclists belonging to different age groups participated in the event, which saw almost everyone completing the challenge in given time, especially the youngest participant 8-year-old Kashish Shah.

Founder of the Indore Super Chargers group, 54-year-old child specialist Dr. Yogendra Vyas said “I am a barefoot runner and an enthusiastic cyclist.” He believes that nature is our biggest present and we must treasure it. “We should stay healthy by doing a lot of cycling and also keep our environment healthy by reducing fossil fuel consumption. Cycling is the best way to travel without hurting environment,” Vyas said.

Talking about the event, lawyer Nitin Bhati said the “Event was divided in three parts, the first being five-km run, which started from Ml tourism office to world cup square and ended at the starting point.” With pleasant weather, the run was fun, he quipped. “Second part was 20-km cycling, which had two loops—from Khajrana and back to venue; then there was 2.5-km run,” Bhati elaborated.
“It seemed more of a fun event, as people were helping their fellow runners, motivating them and offering water and biscuits all along the way to touch the finishing line,” he said.

First duathlon @ 74

One of the senior most cyclists at the event, 74-year-old Dr. BR Parekh felt rejuvenated after enjoying a great running workout. “It was a fantastic duathlon. I have never participated in such kind of event before. Cycling was fun, as we had lovely company in family atmosphere, excellent hospitality and wonderful arrangement.” Parekh said.

Rare event in city

It was an unusual event for this city and superbly conceptualised, planned and executed by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. It was indeed enjoyable to participate in the event. Well explained simple route, well marked stations, helpful volunteers with plenty of water and electrolyte drinks at every station— all these for free to members and at a nominal registration fee for non-members.