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Indore: Eyeing 50K target, IMC pushes for home composting


In order to encourage people, Mayor Malini Gaud on Monday went to Lokmanya Nagar and presented certificates to people who have set up composting units in their homes. “As part of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiative, we are promoting home composting in the city. On Thursday, we felicitated as many as 500 people for setting up composting units in their houses,” the Mayor said. Accompanied by municipal officials, Gaud herself went to the houses where composting units are set up and presented certificates to residents.


These certificates can be used by the residents to obtain 50 per cent rebate on user charges for door-to-door garbage collection. The IMC gives 50 per cent discount on user charges to the households having composting units. Besides, the IMC also gives rebate to such residents on property tax. Besides giving away certificates to the people, the Mayor also pasted stickers reading “My home is also 3R”. Gaud said that the IMC has set a target of getting composting units installed in as many as 50,000 households by December end for disposal of wet garbage at source.


She had recently appealed from corporators to encourage people for installation of composting units at their houses. She said that they want one colony of 1000 people at each ward to install composting units for disposal of waste at source. Last month, Lokmanya Nagar was selected for installation of composting units on pilot basis. Solid waste management consultant of IMC, Asad Warsi said that the initiative of IMC is yielding fruits. “Many residents have set up composting units at their houses and they are also encouraging others,” he said. As per a rough estimate, Warsi said, about 2500 households have composting units. “We are hopeful of achieving 50,000 home composting units target before December end, the deadline set for the same,” he said.


Ganesh pandals to be used as opportunity

IMC has roped in NGOs and voluntary organisations for the task of reaching out to people visiting Lord Ganesh pandals and motivating them to set up composting units in their homes. “We will also use the platform to encourage them to download Indore 311 app, which is for receiving complaints from residents. We need about 4.5 lakh download as per conditions of Swachh Survekshan. Currently, we have about two lakh donwloads,” Warsai said.